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Challenges and Blessings

Greetings from Anne and Charles. So many things to catch up on but we'll keep to the highlights. Here goes...

That little wind event called Hurricane Ida

While we dodged no less than 5 Gulf Coast hurricanes in 2020, August 28, 2021 turned out to be our turn at bat. Hurricane Ida came a visiting and sat on top of us for what seemed like an eternity. Forecasters were telling us it would be a fast-moving Category 3 storm, bad but more annoying than anything, but it turned out to be a very slow-moving, at some point up to a Category 5 storm. What a mess!

Many homes and businesses destroyed or badly damaged. Mercifully few personal injuries or fatalities. Amazingly no flooding to speak of either. For us personally, our apartments where our guests stay took a hit - mostly to the roofs and siding, but overall were OK. We replaced both roofs and cleaned things up and have been fully back welcoming guests for some time. On our home we had some minor damage to flooring due to water being pushed under a back door as well as ceiling damage to my mother's apartment downstairs bit overall, we were protected and blessed. Very blessed especially considering that many of our neighbors still are not able to return to their homes.

But then there's the trees! We can't even count how many trees we lost. You might recall that looking across the street from the apartments to our home, it was hard to even see our home. Now, seeing our home is no problem. Still there are no complaints as not one of more than at least a dozen trees hit our home - not one! Just prior to the storm we had scientists staying with us that coincidentally had access to NASA satellites. An image sent to from the satellite showed a fan of trees, all falling away from our home. Coincidence? Not a chance. We were under a veil of protection. Of this we are certain.

Here are a few of the scenes we found upon our return.

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