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Bet our backyard is cooler than your backyard!

While spring means the proliferation of crabgrass in some locals, spring here means the proliferation of, well, - crabs in the estuaries that surround Lytle Farms.

With apologies for the gentle tease of our title. we wanted to share how very blessed we are to live where we live. Maddie, Matthew and Little Mat had a perfect day as a family less with less than a 10-minute boat ride from Falgout Canal Marina to their crabbing spot with the reward being this bountiful catch of Louisiana Blue crabs. We love sharing God's bounty with family and friends, just as we love sharing it with the good people who grace us with their stays here at Lytle Farms.

We pray that everyone is well. Spring is a great time to be here. Book your stay online or give us a call at 985-791-4288.

Anne and Charles Gaiennie

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