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Mornings and evenings

Few things are as serene and beautiful as when the sun is about to emerge over the horizon or just after it sets enough to begin sharing the horizon with the darkening sky. I love the morning as the sun rises from across the bayou as it slowly illuminates the day. The shadow and silhouettes of the trees and saw grass are amazing as is the fog or mist as it hovers over the water. Its amazing just to watch the scene change minute, by minute as the sky slowing comes into full light.

The evenings are equally as beautiful, especially when its a clear sky when stars seem to appear from everywhere. I know there are millions of stars up there but I just didn't know you could see them all so clearly from here. If there is a moon, that's even more special.

It's funny that most of our guests didn't come here specifically to look at the moon and the stars or the sunrise yet these are the things that all of our guest seem to remember.

Why not join us some time. Book today.

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