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Life at the water's edge

Water. It literally defines everything we do here. But its not a beach or a mountain stream kind of experience. Its much more integrated than that. Sitting on the deck for instance, its trees and Dr. Beatrous Road and Bayou Dularge that you see. Yet just over the horizon to the east is the Houma Navigational Canal that connect at Houma to the Intracoastal Waterway which literally takes you from Texas to New York. Behind you just beyond the woods are open marsh teeming with exotic birds and a favorite stopover for migratory ducks in the fall and winter. To the south is Falgout Canal which is a quick connect to Lake Decade, an inland brackish lake that mixes fresh water from the north with salt water from the south to produce one of the hottest fishing locations in the state. Even further south following Bayou Dularge to its terminal end are ever-widening lakes and bays and finally, the Gulf of Mexico itself.

Interested in getting a local's view of how deeply integrated water is here? Let us know and we'll make arrangements to show you what most will never see.

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